HIPAA Privacy Policy

HIPAA Privacy Policy

Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected Health Information

Your Information. Your Rights and Choices. Our Responsibilities.

In 1996, Congress passed legislation to provide continuity of coverage when individuals switch health plans and to ensure the security and privacy of protected health information. Shreveport Internal Medicine has always been committed to protecting individuals' health information and will continue its commitment by ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy requirements.

This rule – the first federal rule to protect the privacy of health information –establishes basic national privacy standards for healthcare providers, health plans and healthcare clearinghouses to follow, in order to protect patients and encourage them to seek needed care. The HIPAA Privacy Rule grants healthcare consumers several rights regarding their privacy and protected health information. Shreveport Internal Medicine has instituted documents, policies and procedures that address these rights.


Download a printable version here (Please note that a version of this is attached to your new patient forms)